Refund Policy


Refund Policy

Get Dissertation believes in providing its customers with 100% genuine & error free content. However, in case of dissatisfaction, we refund your amount immediately as per the rules of our Refund Policy.

Customers are suggested to read, examine & comply with our Refund Policy to develop a clear understanding regarding quick refund. Following are some conditions when we pay your amount back:

  • In a condition when Get Dissertation offers 7 rounds of revision and the clients are not fully satisfied with the performance, a full authority will be given to them for making further complaints to our customer support team. Later on, we are responsible to take further actions such as:
  • Assigning the other writer to finish the remaining task, if it can be accomplished successfully without any difficulties.


  • Refunding the full amount to the customer.
  • Refunding rights can also be retained by Get Dissertation in case if the problems such as minor delay in work delivery or trivial mistakes can be rectified further.
  • If by mistake, customer’s credit card is charged twice, we will be held responsible for a quick refund of the extra amount.